50 Turkeys Workout

FullSizeRender (7)Looking for a good butt kicking before you gobble down the turkey dinner? Every year I have my clients compete in holiday workouts.

This Thanksgiving workout is 50 Turkeys. Do 50 reps of each 10 exercises. You want to do this in the fastest time you can. My clients are finishing between 18-39mins. So aim for 25mins that would be a good time! After you complete, post your time on the comments below.

You will need a 20 inch box. Stairs would work too! A kettle bell, 25lbs for women or 35lbs for men and two hand weights 30/40 pounds or one large 30 pound turkey would work great as well!

50 Turkeys Workout
50 Box Jump or Walk Up’s- Full extension of the hips at the top of the box. Each time both feet touch the ground that counts as one.
50 Kettle bell Swings- 25 pounds/35 Pounds
50 Walking Lunges- Each step is one. Good range of motion, knee to ground.
50 Super Turkeys- Back extensions. Each time you come up and release is one. Go up squeeze your glutes, shoulder blades and then release.
50 Gobble Squat- 25 pounds/35 Pounds. Hold weight under chin and squat down for one.
50 Farmer Carry- 30 pounds/40 pounds in each hand or one large turkey. Each step is one. Roll shoulders back and pinch shoulder blades together and walk forward.
50 Toe Touch High Jump- In standing position reach down touch toe and then jump up lifting hand to sky. Each time you touch the ground is one.
50 Active Plank- Plank on forearm and raise to hands. Each time you come down off your hands is one.
50 Ab Toe Touch- Lay on back. Lift legs straight and to 90 degrees. Reach hands up, engaging abs to touch toes.
50 Ground to Over Head- 25 pounds/35 pounds. Take weight from ground and bring up over head. Each time the weight touches the floor is one. FullSizeRender (8)