Workout 4 with Rachel Pastor

Home Workout 4- Rachel Pastor
5 Exercises- 20 Reps of each for 3 Rounds

Do 15 reps of one exercise the first minute and 15 reps of the second exercise the next minute rotating the two for 20mins. You will do 10 sets of each exercise.
You will need one Dumbbell 15lbs-50lbs depending on your fitness level.
Do one exercise and move onto the next with 30secs to 2mins rest depending on your fitness level. After you finish all five exercises repeat the whole thing three more times.
You will need one Dumbbell or Kettlebell weighting between 15lbs-50lbs depending on your fitness level.

Jack Squat- Standing with your feet close together and push your hips back to get into a half-squat position.Jump your feet out to the sides, maintaining the squat position. Quickly jump your feet back to the starting position.

Kettlebell Swings- Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed out, and knees slightly bent; look straight ahead. Hold a kettlebell between your legs using a twohanded, overhand grip. Keeping the arch in your lower back, bend your hips back until the kettlebell is between and behind your legs; squeeze your glutes to extend your hips and swing the weight up.

Pike Push-ups- Start from a classic pushup position. Keep your legs straight and walk your hands back so you are in a pike position. Your upper body and lower body should be at about a 90 degree angle. Extend the arms overhead so that they are in line with your spine and reaching straight out from the shoulders.Contract the core.Bend the elbows and lower yourself down until your head almost contacts the ground.Press back up.

Plank Shoulder Taps- Begin in a full plank position with feet hip-width apart or knees on the ground. Lightly tap left shoulder with right hand. Return to start and then immediately lift left hand and tap right shoulder. That’s one rep.

Abs Side Crunch- Lie on your back with your knees bent. Bring on leg up and bent across the other leg. Place your hands lightly at the back of your head. While pushing the small of your back down in the floor to better isolate your abdominal muscles, begin to roll your shoulders off the floor. Continue to push down as hard as you can with your lower back as you contract your abdominals and exhale. Your shoulders should come up off the floor only about four inches, and your lower back should remain on the floor. At the top of the movement, contract your abdominals hard and bring opposite elbow to touch your opposite knee. Come back to starting position and repeat.

Workout 3 with Rachel Pastor

Home Workout 3- Rachel Pastor
Every Minute on the Minute for 20mins
2 exercises- HRPU (Hand Release Push Ups) and Goblet Squat
15 Reps of each exercise
Do 15 reps of one exercise the first minute and 15 reps of the second exercise the next minute rotating the two for 20mins. You will do 10 sets of each exercise.
You will need one Dumbbell 15lbs-50lbs depending on your fitness level.

HRPU (Hand Release Push Ups)- Hands and toes on the ground, arms fully extended, flat back, hips in line with toes and shoulders. Lower Chest to floor. Lift hands off of the ground while resting on chest with knees off the floor. Return hands to ground and press up.Extend arms until fully locked out.

Goblet Squat- Stand holding the weight close to your chest. This will be your starting position. Squat down between your legs until your hamstrings are on your calves. Keep your chest and head up and your back straight. At the bottom position, pause and use your elbows to push your knees out.


Workout 1 with Rachel Pastor

Home Workout 1- Rachel Pastor
20 Reps of each exercise for 3 rounds
Do one exercise and move onto the next with 30secs to 2mins rest depending on your fitness level. After you finish all five exercises repeat the whole thing two more times.
You will need one Dumbbell weighting between 10lbs-50lbs depending on your fitness level.

Skater with floor touch- Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by sides. Hop or step to right, landing on right foot while sweeping left foot diagonally behind right leg and swinging left arm across body to touch floor or as close to it as you can come. Jump or step to left, switching legs and arms to complete 1 rep.
Air Squat or Weight Squat- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. With your chest up, push your hips back into a squat, keeping your knees in line with your toes. Go lower than 90 degrees; as low as you can without breaking form. Press through your heels to push back up to the starting position. Add weight if you feel comfortable with the air squat.
Dumbbell Clean and Press- Hold dumbbell between your feet as shown. Pull the dumbbell up and “catch” it at shoulder height. Press it overhead, keeping your knees slightly bent. Return to the starting position.
One Leg Dumbbell Deadlift- Hold dumbbell long ways with both hands in front of your body. Stand on your left leg and your left knee slightly bent. Bend slightly at your knee, bend at your hips, and lower your torso. Pause, then raise your torso, hips and knee back to the starting position. Repeat on 10 reps and then switch to your right leg.
Straight Leg Weighted Crunch- Sit on the floor with your legs up 90 degrees. Hold dumbbell in both hands with arms raised straight above. Raise your head and shoulders and crunch your rib cage toward your pelvis bringing the weight towards your toes. Pause, then slowly return to the starting position.


25 of my personal training clients finished this workout as part of a holiday challenge. The times ranged from 20mins- 39mins.santacookies

Instructions- Like the song the “12 Days of Christmas”. Complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down, adding one exercise per round. I.E. do 1 SDHP, then 1 SDHP + 2 Burpee, then 1 SDHP + 2 Burpee + 3 Push-ups, etc. When you hit 12 Rows you will work your way back up by doing each exercise one more time from 12 to 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, to 1 SDHP where you will finish.

Equipment- A weight (preferably a Kettlebell), Mat, Box (something to Jump on and do triceps dips).FullSizeRender (9)

RX weights- 35LBS Women and 50LBS Men

12 Days of Christmas
-  1 Sumo Deadlift High pull with KB      (SDHP)
2 Burpee
3 Hand Release Push Ups
4 Tricep Dips
5 Box Jumps
6 Ground to Overhead
7 Lunges
8 Weighted Sit Ups
9 Ball Slams
10 Kettle Bell Swings
11 Gobble Squats
12 Back Rows


50 Turkeys Workout

FullSizeRender (7)Looking for a good butt kicking before you gobble down the turkey dinner? Every year I have my clients compete in holiday workouts.

This Thanksgiving workout is 50 Turkeys. Do 50 reps of each 10 exercises. You want to do this in the fastest time you can. My clients are finishing between 18-39mins. So aim for 25mins that would be a good time! After you complete, post your time on the comments below.

You will need a 20 inch box. Stairs would work too! A kettle bell, 25lbs for women or 35lbs for men and two hand weights 30/40 pounds or one large 30 pound turkey would work great as well!

50 Turkeys Workout
50 Box Jump or Walk Up’s- Full extension of the hips at the top of the box. Each time both feet touch the ground that counts as one.
50 Kettle bell Swings- 25 pounds/35 Pounds
50 Walking Lunges- Each step is one. Good range of motion, knee to ground.
50 Super Turkeys- Back extensions. Each time you come up and release is one. Go up squeeze your glutes, shoulder blades and then release.
50 Gobble Squat- 25 pounds/35 Pounds. Hold weight under chin and squat down for one.
50 Farmer Carry- 30 pounds/40 pounds in each hand or one large turkey. Each step is one. Roll shoulders back and pinch shoulder blades together and walk forward.
50 Toe Touch High Jump- In standing position reach down touch toe and then jump up lifting hand to sky. Each time you touch the ground is one.
50 Active Plank- Plank on forearm and raise to hands. Each time you come down off your hands is one.
50 Ab Toe Touch- Lay on back. Lift legs straight and to 90 degrees. Reach hands up, engaging abs to touch toes.
50 Ground to Over Head- 25 pounds/35 pounds. Take weight from ground and bring up over head. Each time the weight touches the floor is one. FullSizeRender (8) [Read more…]