Workout 2 with Rachel Pastor

Home Workout 2- Rachel Pastor
20 Reps of each exercise for 3-4 rounds

Do one exercise and move onto the next with 30secs to 2mins rest depending on your fitness level. After you finish all five exercises repeat the whole thing two or three more times.
You will need one Dumbbell weighting between 5lbs-35lbs depending on your fitness level.

High Knee Squat Jump
Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Pull your right knee towards your chest and to the side. Now move it back to the original position and then repeat on the left side. Squat back and stand up or jump up.

Side Lunge
With no weight or holding a pair of dumbbells, stand with your feet
and knees together. Take a large step with your right foot to the right side
and lunge toward the floor. Make sure your right knee does not extend
past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight. Push off through
your right foot to return to the start to complete one.

Bird Dog or Bird Plank
Kneel on the floor with hands firmly placed about shoulder width
apart, with knees on floor or in plank position. Brace the abdominals, and at first,
practice lifting one hand and the opposite knee or foot just clear of the floor while balancing on the other hand and knee or foot. When you’re ready point the arm out straight in front and extend the opposite leg to the rear.

Push-up Row
Place a pair of dumbbells, slightly wider than shoulder width
apart. Set yourself in a pushup position on toes or knees with
hands on dumbbells. Lower your body to the floor, pause, then complete 1
push up. Once you’re back in the starting position, row the
dumbbell on one side to the side of your chest by pulling the
dumbbell upwards. Pause, then lower the dumbbell back down,
and repeat the same movement with your other arm.

Scissor Kicks
Begin by lying on an exercise mat. Place your arms straight above head. Keep both legs straight on floor or raise both legs approximately 15 to 20 inches off the ground. Contract your abs, exhale, then kick both legs outward as if you were opening a pair of scissors. With Straight arms and legs bring opposite hand to touch opposite foot.

7 Day Reset

IMG_4210 (1)All the holiday fun weighing your body down?


I personal have done this program a few times and LOVE the way I feel after I complete it!

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Nutritional Support, Recipes, Shopping list, 2 meals, Top of the line Shaklee Supplements to rid the body of toxins and restore balance. Let us know if you are ready to cleanse out and build up for a healthy fall and winter season. This program is something we do at least 2 times a year, and it is a game-changer!

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50 Turkeys Workout

FullSizeRender (7)Looking for a good butt kicking before you gobble down the turkey dinner? Every year I have my clients compete in holiday workouts.

This Thanksgiving workout is 50 Turkeys. Do 50 reps of each 10 exercises. You want to do this in the fastest time you can. My clients are finishing between 18-39mins. So aim for 25mins that would be a good time! After you complete, post your time on the comments below.

You will need a 20 inch box. Stairs would work too! A kettle bell, 25lbs for women or 35lbs for men and two hand weights 30/40 pounds or one large 30 pound turkey would work great as well!

50 Turkeys Workout
50 Box Jump or Walk Up’s- Full extension of the hips at the top of the box. Each time both feet touch the ground that counts as one.
50 Kettle bell Swings- 25 pounds/35 Pounds
50 Walking Lunges- Each step is one. Good range of motion, knee to ground.
50 Super Turkeys- Back extensions. Each time you come up and release is one. Go up squeeze your glutes, shoulder blades and then release.
50 Gobble Squat- 25 pounds/35 Pounds. Hold weight under chin and squat down for one.
50 Farmer Carry- 30 pounds/40 pounds in each hand or one large turkey. Each step is one. Roll shoulders back and pinch shoulder blades together and walk forward.
50 Toe Touch High Jump- In standing position reach down touch toe and then jump up lifting hand to sky. Each time you touch the ground is one.
50 Active Plank- Plank on forearm and raise to hands. Each time you come down off your hands is one.
50 Ab Toe Touch- Lay on back. Lift legs straight and to 90 degrees. Reach hands up, engaging abs to touch toes.
50 Ground to Over Head- 25 pounds/35 pounds. Take weight from ground and bring up over head. Each time the weight touches the floor is one. FullSizeRender (8) [Read more…]

Devani’s Transformation Story

Devani1`Yo-Yo dieter to the T……that’s me. I’ve always fluctuated with my weight. I’d get on some crazy extreme diet, loose a ton of weight just to gain it back plus 10….and repeat. This last and final quest for weight loss came when I was at my heaviest of 240 pounds. I had it in my mind the kind of body I wanted but couldn’t stay motivated long enough to get the results. Then in November of 2011 my brother become paralyzed from the T-4 down (breastbone). His life of being very athletic and physically fit was suddenly dramatically changed. From that day on I decided to change my life. I was heavy, I was un-healthy, I was un-happy….I just wasn’t living life fully. I told myself I’d never take my legs for granted again, I was going to move my body every day, because I have seen how it can be taken from you in an instant. Tons of exercise…..boot camp, zumba, body pump, cycling, running, swimming, at home workout videos… name it, I do it. I re-vamped my whole diet and the pounds came off. Now, two years later I weigh 140…… making that a total of 100 pounds lost. My family, my friends, trainer and workout buddies are my motivation to stay focused every day. Now I just love the way I feel when I exercise, I love the way I feel when I put healthy food in my body. It’s more than looking good, it’s about feeling good; feeling alive and I do feel better than ever. I do still have that “free” day every once in awhile and binge on the fatty foods I love, but end up regretting it the next day. It’s poison and my body isn’t used to it anymore. I love food, but I have learned portion control and everything in moderation and I just keep telling myself that feeling and looking good is better than the way anything tastes. This is my new lifestyle and because of my change I feel more confident, physically & mentally stronger, happier and I am truly the healthiest that I’ve ever been. My family is also taking the right steps to being healthier as well, we exercise as a family and cook healthy meals together instead of hitting the drive thru… son’s know what’s in a chicken nugget and they won’t eat them anymore . Looking back at my “fat” pictures is a constant reminder to never go back there, I am disgusted with the way I looked 100 pounds heavier and I will never be that person again! Some days I still struggle with eating right and with motivation to exercise…..but it all comes back to why I made the decision to change, and I look at how hard I’ve worked; how great I feel….that motivates me to workout. It’s really mind over matter and most days I’m strong. I continue working toward my goal everyday; I am not yet where I want to be, but far from where I was. I still have lots more toning to do and about 15 to 20 pounds of fat to lose. Another goal of mine is to compete in a triathlon next summer alongside my brother in his adaptive equipment. With the help of my personal trainer I know I will accomplish my goals. Cheers to a fit and happy life forever!

Taking off the Baby Weight in 90 Days- Week 12 (final blog)


I gained +35 pounds during my pregnancy and at 3 weeks postpartum I weighed +15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I spent the last 90 days taking off the weight I gained during my pregnancy. The challenge is over and time for the results! At the end of “Taking off the Baby Weight in 90 Days” I am -2 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight! It wasn’t easy, I had my up and downs but one important thing I chose to live by a long time ago got me through it and that’s your final tip.

Tip 20- Get healthy for life! You can be healthy anytime, anywhere. It’s a state of mind. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a choice.