424737_10151134587477403_1775127729_n“Rachel is wonderful! I began working out with her in a small training group and could barely do a box jump. Now, box jumps are a favorite part of my work out. She is an excellent trainer who knows how to push you to your limits, without being overbearing – just the right amount of motivation! Each one of her workouts challenge me, even a year later and I feel as if I’m stronger than I have been in years. If you’re thinking about signing up for training with Rachel – just do it! You will not regret it!” -Ingrid G.


“Rachel has helped me get into the best shape of my life. When I started working out with her over a year ago, I was in decent shape but never really knew how to push myself. Rachel has taught me to dig in deep inside myself and push myself to new limits physically and mentally. I am currently doing things that I never thought my body was capable of doing. My confidence as an athlete has grown dramatically, and I can never thank her enough for that! Currently at 6mons pregnant, I am still working out with Rachel 2 days a week. I feel strong and healthy and know that losing that baby weight will not be an issue, as long as I stick with Rachel and Generation Healthy.” -Maddie D. 

286768_2360813221010_3006794_o“I started working out with Rachel almost a year ago. I just moved to Fort Collins and had my second daughter. After two kids, I felt like I was in the worst shape of my adult life. I had no muscle and what I call the “mom-butt”. I don’t have time to go to the gym. If I do go to the gym I don’t have the mental capacity left to decide which exercises to do nor the motivation to truly work hard.”
“Working out in Rachel’s gym and working out with other mom’s is both motivating and fun. My workouts are scheduled and I go, no questions, no excuses. Rachel’s professional instruction and no excuse attitude push me to work harder than I would on my own. Rachel cares about her clients and her passion for health and fitness is inspiring.”-Amanda Castelli

12075033_10154822348332228_7994140537185846111_n“Rachel has been wonderful. She’s always keeping workouts fresh, pushing me to challenge myself, without going over the edge. She allows me to listen to my body if something hurts, and is always ready with an alternative. I can’t stress enough how great she is. With her positive attitude, flexibility, and expert knowledge, I’m seeing results, and feeling fantastic.” -Marianna Walsh

“When I started to train with Rachel, I hadn’t exercised properly for years! I now work out 424035_10150604785346697_728945131_nwith her twice a week. My overall strength and stamina have massively improved as has my general health. I thoroughly recommend her for people of all ages and initial fitness levels. Rachel is fantastic and now also trains many of my friends too.” -Robert Crow


“Workouts with Rachel is seriously the best part of my day. Even though they are tough and push me, each session is a fun mix up/mash up of different exercises. I always leave in the best mood and with the biggest smile on my face! She is amazing!” -Megan R. 

Brooke“I did boot camp for a year and it kills me that I had to move away! Before boot camp, I my depression and anxiety was almost to much to handle. My mother brought me to boot camp, and even though I almost puked and passed out, I kept coming. After a while, the thought of not going felt worse then going! Then came the nutrition challenge came and things really clicked into place. I was able to completely transform my body but the way I think about health and nutrition as well! Working out was no longer a chore and eating healthy actually tasted good! Since I first started boot camp, my depression is almost nonexistent and I haven’t had an anxiety attack in months! Rachel has completely changed my life and I am beyond grateful!!” – Brooke Maccietto

Devani-300x300“When I started Rachel’s Vipr boot camp I weighed a very unhealthy 225 and hated the way I looked and felt. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Now, 5 months later I weigh 170 and still losing at a steady pace. I have incredible energy and am motivated to work out every day. I absolutely love how amazing I feel 55 pounds lighter. I am not yet where I want to be, so I will continue to train with Rachel Pettine Pastor in her Vipr boot camp and her spin classes until I reach my goal and beyond. It’s my new and forever way of living and I am never going back to the way I used to be. Forever healthy and happy!” – Devani Eckhardt

Edward-Lopez-224x300“I first met Rachel in spin class at Raintree Athletic Club. I have been to over a thousand spin classes throughout my weight loss journey. Rachel’s class quickly became one of my favorites. As I continued going to her spin class she invited us to attend a new boot camp style workout that she was starting called Vipr boot camp. This class is the toughest boot camp class that I have attended. Rachel was always motivating which in turn made me want to push myself harder. I personally burned up to a thousand calories in each class. As I continued to attend these classes I notice my mobility and agility increase from class to class. I had a personal goal to lose 17 pounds over the summer and I achieved that goal along with reducing my body fat percentage. Rachel is a great trainer and has helped me achieve my desired goals.” – Edward Lopez

meganb-225x300“Rachel’s ViPR workout is a great combination of strength and cardio work. Every exercise can become a core exercise along with balance and agility. It truly is an amazing full body workout. Rachel did a great job introducing this new workout that is unique and very challenging. Rachel’s spin class was another amazing workout. Her music got me pumped up to push myself more than usual. Her energy is amazing and I will definitely be a regular in her class! Thank you Rachel for your motivation. You inspire me at every class I take of yours.” – Megan Bragg

306383_10150415790736308_669436307_8437750_944007118_n-300x243“I absolutely love Rachel’s spinning classes! She keeps me going, plays great music, all while having a great message for her class participants. She has such enjoyment for what she does and it definitely shows! She is so friendly and always wanting others to do well and have a great work out. Rachel is an awesome motivator to stay fit and healthy, along with being such a fun and happy person. It’s truly refreshing to be around someone who has such an upbeat and positive attitude. I am looking forward to many more of her amazing classes!” – Jenny Wright

GregBBMy wife and I have taken health supplements for years with no clear vision of the what, or why. Rachel has taken the time to understand our goals for wellness. Not just supplements but a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. She is constantly researching and expanding her knowledge which she then passes on to her clients. The best part is she makes it all fun!  All the while maintaining the upmost professionalism and grace. I have no hesitation referring her to my closest friends.” – Greg Pettine

Rennie“I love love love cycling and I am always looking for spinning instructors that inspire and motivate me. Rachel’s spinning classes are a fun environment with good music and great energy! She encourages everyone to work harder and recognizes us when we do. Now when I go to spinning I know I will be motivated to work as hard as I can and inspired to keep pushing myself to reach my goals. I can honestly say I am and will always be a Rachel fan and I plan on continuing to take her spinning classes and other fitness classes. It is hard to lose enthusiasm for staying healthy when you are around someone as passionate and energetic as Rachel!” – Rennie Winkelman

Pam S Testimonial“I am in my mid 50s and 35 years into this fitness way of life. I have tried and enjoyed many many different types of fitness classes and everything new that comes down the pike. Rachel classes have been extraordinary in all aspects of the word. She is superior with everything that her outdoor boot camp has to offer. She is conscientious of working out healthfully and working out the full body. Fabulous classes, can’t wait for next summer to do it all over again.” – Pam S.

Maggie L testimonial“Rachel is an awesome trainer! She keeps the workouts fun and up beat, she is also there to push you when you need it. Whether your goal is to loose weight or build muscle Rachel will create a workout to suit you.” - Maggie L.


Edward L testimonial“I have signed up for Outdoor Boot Camp with Rachel for the past three summers. Each year has been better than the previous. Rachel has found a way to keep each work out different than the one before. .I like to say that the work outs do not get easier but we get better. .Rachel goes above and beyond to ensure that each of us are performing the exercises properly and safely no matter how what our fitness levels are…Rachel is a consummate professional and does an excellent job in promoting and encouraging a team effort.” - Edward L.

Beth M testimonial“Working out with Rachel was the most amazing experience! The way she encourages, supports and pushes you past your limits is one of my most favorite things about her. My health is better, my moods are better and I look better at 38 then I did at 28!” - Beth M.

raquel testimonial“Boot camp with Rachel is always fun, challenging and different. Rachel skillfully designs highly effective workout plans that target each muscle group for maximum results. Rachel creates a positive and encouraging environment where each person can attain a higher level of fitness whether they are a newcomer or an elite athlete.” – Raquel M.

DAve Testimonial“Rachel’s outdoor boot camp has been the catalyst for a healthier lifestyle for me. I enjoy the accountability we have as a part of a fitness group, class out doors and a different types of hour long classes. A++” – David N.

Julia R Testimonial“I had the honor of being in Rachel’s outdoor bootcamp this summer. Rachel always had a different workout for each session and it wasn’t boring at all! She is very encouraging and gently pushes you to keep at it. But Rachel never berates or makes you feel bad about your workout. She knows her profession very well and lives a healthy lifestyle herself. What a blast to use the Colorado great outdoors as a backdrop for a great bootcamp class. Can’t wait till next summer to sweat it out with Rachel and all her creative, hard, fun with all her workout options Bootcamp!” – Julia R.