Workout 2 with Rachel Pastor

Home Workout 2- Rachel Pastor
20 Reps of each exercise for 3-4 rounds

Do one exercise and move onto the next with 30secs to 2mins rest depending on your fitness level. After you finish all five exercises repeat the whole thing two or three more times.
You will need one Dumbbell weighting between 5lbs-35lbs depending on your fitness level.

High Knee Squat Jump
Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Pull your right knee towards your chest and to the side. Now move it back to the original position and then repeat on the left side. Squat back and stand up or jump up.

Side Lunge
With no weight or holding a pair of dumbbells, stand with your feet
and knees together. Take a large step with your right foot to the right side
and lunge toward the floor. Make sure your right knee does not extend
past your toes and keep your left leg relatively straight. Push off through
your right foot to return to the start to complete one.

Bird Dog or Bird Plank
Kneel on the floor with hands firmly placed about shoulder width
apart, with knees on floor or in plank position. Brace the abdominals, and at first,
practice lifting one hand and the opposite knee or foot just clear of the floor while balancing on the other hand and knee or foot. When you’re ready point the arm out straight in front and extend the opposite leg to the rear.

Push-up Row
Place a pair of dumbbells, slightly wider than shoulder width
apart. Set yourself in a pushup position on toes or knees with
hands on dumbbells. Lower your body to the floor, pause, then complete 1
push up. Once you’re back in the starting position, row the
dumbbell on one side to the side of your chest by pulling the
dumbbell upwards. Pause, then lower the dumbbell back down,
and repeat the same movement with your other arm.

Scissor Kicks
Begin by lying on an exercise mat. Place your arms straight above head. Keep both legs straight on floor or raise both legs approximately 15 to 20 inches off the ground. Contract your abs, exhale, then kick both legs outward as if you were opening a pair of scissors. With Straight arms and legs bring opposite hand to touch opposite foot.